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Production Year 1965 - 1969 at $119.95


The Hallicrafters PS-500-AC is the power supply for the Hallicrafters SR-400. It has a built in speaker and uses 117 volts AC. Starting with the photograph on the right, the items on the back are as follows, main power plug, fuse, transceiver cable and lastly a power supply for a blower/fan. On the power supply and as can be seen in the picture on the left, there is a blue Hallicrafters logo. I have seen some of these power supplies with an orange logo which I believe to be an older design.  

The photograph on the left is a picture of underneath the chassis with the cover removed. I have not yet had a chance to restore this unit and the the SR-400 transceiver. Right now they are in non-working condition but I hope to change that soon. When I do get finished with them I will post the pictures here. Learning from a Hallicrafters SR-150 experience I had, I will replace the diodes in the bridge circuit in the power supply.

The picture on the right is from the previous owner and shows the PS-500-AC in service next the Hallicrafters SR-400 transceiver.  



Radios by Hallicrafters with Price Guide by Chuck Dachis

Hallicrafters owners manual  

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