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Production Year 1961 - 1963 at $650.00 without power supply 


The Hallicrafters SR-150 is a CW/SSB 80 through 10 meter transceiver. It has 150 Watts PEP for SSB and 125 watts for CW input power. It has 19 tubes and is a dual conversion receiver. Both the transmitter and receiver are VFO controlled.

Other features include a RIT(receiver incremental tuning) which allows for the receiver to be tuned 2kHz on either side of the transmitting frequency, VOX, CW break in, 100kHz crystal calibrator, product detector and a crystal lattice filter. The S meters doubles as an RF output meter as well. The transceiver requires an external power supply which was sold separately.

To power the SR-150, the owner had a choice of either a 120 volt AC power supply($99.95) or a 12 volt DC power supply used for mobile operation($109.50). The mobile mount($39.95) would need to be purchased for the transceiver to use it while mobile.

The transmitter uses a pair of 12DQ6B/12GW6 tubes as the RF power amplifier and a 12BY7 Driver tube.

The SR-150 is well known for its quiet receiver.



The photograph on the left shows the top of the transceiver. As can be seen it has a hood for easy access to the tubes and other components. 

The photograph on the right shows the SR-150 next to the PS-150 power supply / speaker combination. Like other transceivers of this vintage such as Drake and Collins, the external power supply is needed for operation.

The picture on the left is with the top removed. Here we can see the tube lay out and the other components. The two transmitting tubes are located in the metal cage in the lower left of the photograph.

The picture on the right is a close up look of under the chassis with the case removed.



The picture on the left is another close up view of under the chassis with the case removed.

The picture on the right is a close up view of the upper right of the left photograph. Here we can see the tank coil. I have three of these transceivers and all of them have damage to this coil. In one of them, the coil must have been completely destroyed as there is a home made replacement coil in its place.




Radios by Hallicrafters with Price Guide by Chuck Dachis

Hallicrafters owners manual  

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