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Production Year 1969 at $895.00 with out power supply


The Hallicrafters Cyclone III SR-400a pictured here is a 20 tube super-heterodyne double conversion transceiver.The power input for the Hallicrafters SR-400A Cyclone III Transceiver is 550 watts P.E.P. SSB and 350 watts in CW. That translates to a SSB output power of 275 watts and 175 watts in CW. To help the transceiver cope with all the heat produced by this power, the factory has installed a cooling fan on the back of the transceiver. The driver tube is a 12BY7 and the finals are a pair of 6KD6 tubes.

The coverage is from 10 to 80 meters in either SSB or CW. The other features of this transceiver include VOX, PTT, AALC, a product detector, 1650kHz crystal lattice filter, CW side tone, crystal calibrator, combination RF output and S-meter, noise blanker and a R.I.T. with 3kHz offset.

The buyer had a choice of separate power supplies. The PS-500-AC (priced at $119.95) for 117 volt AC operation and/or the  PS-500-DC (priced at $159.95) for 12 volt DC operation such as going mobile in a auto or boat. Some other options included the HA-20 external VFO for split operations and the MR-400A mobile mounting kit(priced at $49.95).  

Hallicrafters also produced the model SR-400 which had a lower output power of 200 watts SSB and CW. it also had no phone patch connection in the back and the final tubes(6HF5) were different. But make no mistake about it, either of these transceiver would make a worthy addition to the ham shack.

In these next two photographs we have a couple of close up's of the SR-400a transceiver. I can not stress enough, if you get a chance to own one of these wonderful radios then by all means take it. For one, they are not found every day, and two, well they are just plain neat to have in the radio room and loads of fun to operate.

The picture on the left is the Hallicrafters SR-400a shown next to the PS-500-AC 120 volt power supply that was discussed above. The photograph on the right is a picture looking "under the hood" of this transceiver.

The picture on the left is another close up view of "under the hood". In it and at the top right of this photograph we can see the black RF cage that houses the 6KD6 final tubes.

The picture on the right is just a neat little close up photograph of the front and center of the transceiver. When I get this transceiver on the work bench I will take some better pictures. All of the pictures on this web page are what I received from the previous owner before I made the purchase.




Radios by Hallicrafters with Price Guide by Chuck Dachis

Hallicrafters owners manual  

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