QSL = 100% by direct, bureau, eQSL, LOTW, HRDlog, QRZ, Club Log, and HamQTH.


If you enjoy paper QSLing as I do, then by all means please send a QSL card and you will get one in return. All QSL's are answered in the same manner that I receive them, mail, or electronic.

I upload the logbook to eQSL, LOTW, HRDlog, HamQTH(free look up's), QRZ, and Club Log daily and/or weekly.

If for some reason you have sent a QSL card but have never got a reply, shoot me an  and I will get another one right out to you.


Last 2 weeks of QSL cards received by postal mail.      

QSL cards received for the week of July 25 = KF0MJB, 

QSL cards received for the week of Aug. 1 =  


Information below is only for the AI4FR call sign issued on August 12, 2003 and does not include the logbook statistics for my old call sign, KE4ECY issued in 1993.


Total QSL in the collection = 8505

Total QSL sent by mail = 13,825

Total QSL records confirmed at eQSL = 77476

Total QSL records confirmed at LOTW = 108336

Total QSO's in the AI4FR logbook = 152020


Log Book Graph  =  Updated weekly at eQSL.

Bureau Statistic   =  ARRL Sent and Received QSL's.



Updated = 8-01-2021    


I sure wish there was an all in one logging software that does all or most of the ham radio modes.  

      AI4FR                                                                                                                                                                                                  AI4FR                                                                                                       AI4FR

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