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The Webster Bandspanner 440 is a 10 channel, crystal controlled, 11 meter AM  transceiver that has seen use in both, base station and mobile installations. The I.F. is 1650kc and 259kc and the receiver is dual conversion. It is rated at 5 watts input for the transmitter. The tubes are as follows, RF Amplifier = 12BA6, Mixer & Oscillator = 6GH8, 2nd Converter = 12BE6, I.F. Amplifier = 12BA6, Detector. & ANL = 12AL5, A.F. Amplifier & Speech Amplifier = 12AX7, Output & Modulator = 12AB5, Transmit Oscillator. & Buffer = 6GH8, Final R.F. Amplifier = 12AB5, Rectifier = 12X4. This transceiver requires 115 volts AC for a power source.  

The photograph on the left is a close up of the rear of what I believe to be the stock microphone. Although the crack, which might have happened when some one tightened down the screw a tad too much is not. The dark picture on the right is a close up of the factory applied sticker on the rear of the Bandspanner 440 and shows the operator the crystal line-up and other important connector information.




These next two photographs are close up's of both the left and right side rear of the Webster Bandspanner 440. Notice the carry handle that is spot welded to the back cover.  

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