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Production Year 1967 - 1969 at $49.95

The Hallicrafters CRX-105 is a Solid State, Frequency Modulation(FM), Superheterodyne receiver that employs triple conversion. The CRX-105 is a single band receiver that incorporates 11 transistors and 5 diodes in its circuit. The frequency range of this receiver is 150 MHz to 174 MHz. The internal circuitry of the CRX-105 includes an Automatic Noise Limiter(ANL).

The front panel controls are as follows, at the top is the Main Tuning control, followed by the Squelch control in the middle, and on the bottom is the On/Off and Volume control knob. The elliptical shaped loudspeaker faces out towards the front of the unit and is of the permanent magnet moving coil design. Received signals exit through a perforated section on the front of the unit. The speaker is rated at 8 ohms and has an audio output rating of 1.5 watts. The physical dimensions of the CRX-105 is 11.8 inches wide by 4.7 inches tall by 2.4 inches deep. The radio requires a 120 volt AC power source at 60 cycles. The entire receiver is housed in a sturdy plastic cabinet. The Hallicrafters CRX-105 was made in Japan.

Hallicrafters called this radio the "Civic Patrol Receiver". When this receiver was manufactured, the Civil defense was an effort to prepare civilians for military attack. It uses the principles of emergency operations: prevention, mitigation, preparation, response, or emergency evacuation, and recovery. Programs of this sort were initially discussed at least as early as the 1920's but only became widespread after the threat of nuclear weapons was realized. Since the end of the Cold War, the focus of civil defense has largely shifted away from military attack to national and local emergencies and disasters. The new concept is described by a number of terms, each of which has its own specific shade of meaning, such as crisis management, emergency management, emergency preparedness, contingency planning, emergency services, and civil protection.   

The Hallicrafters company also manufactured an "A" version of this receiver known as the CRX-105A. A close relative of the CRX-105 is the Hallicrafters model CRX-104 which has a frequency range of 108 MHz to 138 MHz and received AM signals rather then FM. Both the CRX-104 and the CRX-105 have the same outward appearance.

The photograph on the left is of the front of the receiver. The picture on the right is of the back of the CRX-105. There is only one connection that is found on the back of the unit which is on the bottom left hand corner. This connection is of the RCA type and is for an external antenna. A metal sticker on the back of the receiver identifies the model as CRX-105. Built into the bottom edge of the back cover during the manufacturing process is two sets of text. The text on the left reads as follows "Hallicrafters Co. certifies that this receiver complies in effect as of the date of manufacture with FCC rules and regulations part 15 subpart C.". The text on the right reads as follows, "Caution: high voltage inside. Do not open case. Transistorized. Contains no serviceable parts. Refer servicing to authorized personnel.".  

The photograph on the left is a close-up of the frequency display and the front panel controls. The top knob is the Main Tuning control, followed by the Squelch control in the middle, and on the bottom is the On/Off and Volume control knob. At the top of the frequency display is the words "Civic Monitor". The text on the frequency display instructs the operator as to where to place the slide-rule pointer for the monitoring of services such as, Highway maintenance, Fire protection, Ships, Railroad, Forestry, Taxi, Ambulance, Motion picture, Business and of course Police, as well as several others.

The photograph on the right is of the internal components of the CRX-105. This receiver employs 11 transistors and 5 diodes in its circuit. Part of the back cover can be seen at the right in this picture. The power supply transformer is mounted to the inside of the rear cover.  



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