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When I run into trouble the folks below are who I choose. I have personally done business with each company/person listed below in alphabetical order and can honestly recommend them to you without worry. Full disclosure: I receive no special treatment, compensation, discounts, etc. by recommending the folks below. They are simply places that I trust and have never had an issue with.


Amateur radio service - Icom - Yaesu - Kenwood - repair


Jahnke Electronics – Kenwood Ham Radio Specialists







Below are some tips & Tricks that I hope you'll find useful.

Dremel  = Some quick Dremel tool tips.

Free Parts  = An unexpected parts source that you just might be tossing out.

Lettering  = An easy way to make them marks stand out on your radio knobs.

PL-259 =  A unique way to produce a solid and reliable PL-259 to coax connection.

RMA / EIA antenna = A dummy antenna that is often required to connect a signal generator to a receiver circuit.

Set Screws = Lost a set screw? No problem, learn how to quickly make a replacement.  


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