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The key featured here is a Wm. M. Nye Super Squeeze Key model SSK-001 that was made in Bellevue, Washington U.S.A. That places the date of manufacturer between 1972 and 1995.

The Nye Viking website describes this key as follows:

"Discover the pro's choice in keys for electronic keying. Long, finger-fitted molded paddles for fast, comfortable easy action! Uses gold-plated copper contacts, nickel-plated brass hardware and heavy die-cast base with non-skid feet."

The description does not give these paddles justice. They are simply a joy to operate and rock solid to boot. The SSK-001 has been in production for decades and hardly ever needs any adjustments at all. While I have never tried this, I have been told that these paddles are perfect for mobile operation. The case is rugged and will not warp when securely strapped down while in use in a mobile station.

The Zinc base dimensions are 4" long by 3" wide by 1 3/4" high. The paddles extend 2 1/2 inches beyond the base. The item weighs in at a whopping 1 pound and 14 Ounces.

Wm. Nye's present line of keys are all manufactured on site. Although the casting and painting along with some machine functions are contracted out. Nye produces a number of smaller parts with their stamping and drilling machines but screws are purchased from suppliers. Their key bases are cast in Zinc due to the metals ease in casting, its low cost, and weight.


Wm. Nye Co. Nye-Viking company:

E.F. Johnson sold the Speed-X company to the Wm. Nye Co. (Nye-Viking) in the fall of 1972. In the agreement the tooling for straight keys, low pass filters, matchboxes, and sounders was included but the tooling to build semi-automatic bugs was not according to Bill Nye Jr.(WB7TNN)  The Wm. Nye Co. started in 1972 in Bellevue, Washington but later moved to Priest River, Idaho on May 1, 1995. The Speed-X name is still in use today by Nye-Viking.  


This Wm. M. Nye Super Squeeze Key model SSK-001 is no longer in production.





These next two photographs are of the bottom of the Wm. M. Nye Super Squeeze Key model SSK-001. The picture on the right is a close up of the manufacture markings on the bottom.



When the cover is removed we can see the internal workings of the Wm. M. Nye Super Squeeze Key model SSK-001. The contacts are 24K gold plated and with the cover in place it just about wipes out any fears of dust getting in the way or corrosion build up.


How to adjust the key:

To adjust spring tension remove the dust cover and loosen the 6-32 lock nut on the side of the dash paddle(right) with a 1/4 nut driver and adjust the screw to suit. Tighten lock nut when complete.

To adjust the contact spacing or paddle travel loosen the two contact bracket mounting screws and adjust contact spacing to suit.

The "knlfe edge" bearings allow free movement of the keying paddles without further adjustment. The tension adjusting spring maintains the paddles against the bearing edge and the back stop.

Caution: Never attempt to clean the contacts with anything other than a very soft tissue - the gold plating is 24 carat and very soft. It would be destroyed by any abrasive.






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