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The AI4FR Shack


Well here it is, pictures of the shack of the AI4FR Amateur radio station. The desk is solid maple and was built by RCC cabinets in Dade City. I designed every aspect of this desk with amateur radio in mind and RCC cabinets did a fantastic and professional job putting it all together. The items across the top are as follows from left to right, Hallicrafters SX-100, Turner 254C ceramic mic, Hallicrafters S38, Kenwood MC-60, and an MFJ-4035MV power supply. Did you catch the mistake in the picture? I did not notice it at the time, but the bumper sticker leaning up against the Hallicrafters SX-100 should have been removed for the photograph. The other items on the desk are described in the pictures below.



The picture on the left is of the left side of the desk. In the left top cubby hole is a Drake TR-4 with the Drake MS-4 power supply. In the next slot down is the Hallicrafters SR-400A with the Hallicrafters PS 500A power supply. The next slot holds a Hallicrafters SR-150 with the Hallicrafters PS 150 power supply. Sitting on top of the desk is the Kenwood TS-820 and next to it is the Kenwood AT-230 antenna tuner. Next to the AT-230 is the Kenwood MC-50 mic. Starting back at the top with the shelf on the right is the Yaesu FT-101E. Next to it is the Kenwood MC-60 mic. And next to the MC-60 is the MFJ-817 VHF/UHF peak reading SWR watt meter. The next shelf down we have the Yaesu YO-100 and a winged emblem Collins 75S-3B. The next shelf down starts with a winged emblem Collins 516-F2 power supply and next to it is a winged emblem Collins 32S-3. Sitting on top of the desk is a winged emblem Collins 516-F2 power supply and next to it is a round emblem Collins KWM-2.

The picture on the right is of the right side of the operating desk. At the top left is the Icom IC-910 and next to it is the Kenwood TS-440 SAT. The next shelf down holds several items. At the top left is the AOR AR8600 and under it is the Icom SP-20. At the top of the next group of items is the RIGblaster pro, then underneath it is the MFJ-941E, and underneath that is the Icom 756 Pro II. At the right of the Icom is the Icom PS-125 power supply. The last section on the right starts off with a Kenwood TS-530 and next to it is the Kenwood SP-230. The next shelf down holds the green Heathkit SB-200 and next to it is the HP-5000 RF/Modulation/SWR meter. Sitting on top of the desk at the far end is the MFJ ALS-600 on top of the MFJ ALS-600PS.

To see many more radios and other odd ball items that are in the collection please visit the AI4FR amateur radio home page.



The picture on the left is the first sight that you see of the shack when you are first walking in the door.

The photograph on the right of the computer is the powerhouse that ties the station altogether. I built this computer back in March of 2011. The run down on this machine is as follows:

  • Processor = I7 990x @ 3.47GHz(over clocked)
  • The I7 processor is water cooled by Corsair(I have the fans running in a push/pull configuration through the radiator).
  • Mother Board = Rampage 3 extreme 
  • Memory = DDR-3 24 GB @ 1600MHz
  • HDD 1 64 GB solid state drive(OS installed on this one) @ 6GB/S
  • HDD 2 2 TB @ 6GB/S
  • HDD 3 250 GB (and one junker I had laying around which will be used as a back up drive) @ 3GB/S
  • 24x dual layer DVD RW+
  • 8x Blu-Ray DVD RW+
  • Video cards = Two Nvidia Gforce GTX580(these are installed in SLI configuration) Yes they are overclocked as well.
  • TV tuner
  • Network card(wireless)
  • Digital card reader(for camera cards)
  • Case = Cooler master HAF X942(full tower - cool looking case)
  • Power supply = Corsair AX-1200 watts(a very efficient power supply) single rail(not a fan of the single rail design).
  • 17 total cooling fans.
  • Windows 7 professional(I went with the professional version so that all of the 24 MB's of RAM will be recognized).  

Directly behind the operating positing is the built-in bookshelves.



In an attempt to give the visitor of this site a feel of "being there" I thought it prudent that the next four pictures were included. These two pictures show the top of the bookshelves. Here we have several military collectibles and some more radios. At the left is the Lafayette HE-30. The radio at the top of the picture on the right is the Hammarlund HQ-200.



In the picture on the left we find two more radios not seen in the above photographs. These two handhelds transceivers are the Hallicrafters HC-150.

The picture on the right is what you would see as you are about to exit the shack. Here we find three more radios. The one on the left is the GE 135. The one in the middle is the National NC-60 special. Lastly the one on the right is the Wards Airline 15BR-1547A.  

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