AI4FR Virtual Shack Tour 

The AI4FR Shack


Special thanks to IW2ENA for his help with the above shack picture.

Well here it is, pictures of the shack of the AI4FR Amateur radio station. The desk is solid maple and was built by RCC cabinets in Dade City. I designed every aspect of this desk with amateur radio in mind and RCC cabinets did a fantastic and professional job putting it all together.



These next two pictures is the view as you walk into the shack.





The photograph on the right of the computer is the powerhouse that ties the station altogether. I built this computer back in March of 2011. The run down on this machine is as follows:

  • Processor = I7 990x @ 3.47GHz(over clocked)
  • The I7 processor is water cooled by Corsair(I have the fans running in a push/pull configuration through the radiator).
  • Mother Board = Rampage 3 extreme 
  • Memory = DDR-3 24 GB @ 1600MHz
  • HDD 1 64 GB solid state drive(OS installed on this one) @ 6GB/S
  • HDD 2 2 TB @ 6GB/S
  • HDD 3 250 GB (and one junker I had laying around which will be used as a back up drive) @ 3GB/S
  • 24x dual layer DVD RW+
  • 8x Blu-Ray DVD RW+
  • Video cards = Two Nvidia Gforce GTX580(these are installed in SLI configuration) Yes they are overclocked as well.
  • TV tuner
  • Network card(wireless)
  • Digital card reader(for camera cards)
  • Case = Cooler master HAF X942(full tower - cool looking case)
  • Power supply = Corsair AX-1200 watts(a very efficient power supply) single rail(not a fan of the single rail design).
  • 17 total cooling fans.
  • Windows 7 professional(I went with the professional version so that all of the 24 GB's of RAM will be recognized).  

      AI4FR                                                                                                                                                                                                  AI4FR                                                                                                       AI4FR

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