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These first two photographs show both the front and rear of this Russian Telegraph key. The blue and black striped wire is not original to the key and was added later for a quick trial test to see how this key preformed.  


The photograph on the left shows the bottom of the base of this telegraph key. The four empty round holes on the metal base are used to secure the key assembly to a solid structure for operation. The picture on the right shows what the key looks like with the hinged top cover folded over.  

The picture on the left is a close up of the key with the hinged cover in the open position. The photograph on the right is a picture of two Russian key boxes exactly as they were received and most likely how they left the manufacturer.

The box on the right is slightly smaller and pictures of the Russian key from inside this box can be found here.



These last two pictures were taken right after the boxes were opened. It almost looks like Christmas Amateur radio style. In the photograph on the left one can see the brown wrapping paper used to secure the keys.

It is not an optical illusion as the Russian Telegraph key on the right in both of these pictures is slightly smaller.  


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