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The Heathkit SG-8 is a 2 tube signal generator that has been designed for simplicity of construction and stability of operation. The frequency range of this generator is 160kHz to 110MHz using 5 bands. One of the neat features of this piece of test equipment is that the frequency range of 110MHz to 220MHz can be obtained using the calibrated harmonics from this signal generator. The bands are as follows....

Band A = 160kHz to 500kHz

Band B = 500kHz to 1650kHz

Band C = 1.65MHz to 6.5MHz

Band D = 6.5MHz to 25MHz

Band E = 25MHz to 110MHz

The RF(Radio Frequency) output is in excess of 100,000 microvolts. Now that may seem like a lot but keep in mind that 1 million microvolts is the same as 1 volt. Or said another way, that 9 volt battery used for the TV remote control can also be called a 9 million microvolt battery. The 100,000 microvolts is more then enough to align nearly any tube or solid state radio with some type of attenuation required to tone that output down some.

The Modulation frequency of this item is around 400 cycles and the Audio output is 2 to 3 volts. The Audio frequency input is approximately 5 volts across a 1 million ohm source of resistance.  The unit has two tubes as follows, a 12au7 = RF Oscillator and Buffer, and a 6c4 as the Audio Oscillator or used as the Audio Amplifier.

The power source is 105 to 125 volts AC at 50 to 60 cycles.

The cabinet size is 9 1/2 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches high by 5 inches deep. The weight of this item is 7 pounds.

As you may have noticed the signal generator on this page is not "all original". There has been the addition of a front panel crystal socket and SO-239 connector and some additional electronic components. The power cord has also been changed to one with 3 prongs.  

These next series of pictures are of the signal generator with the cabinet removed. The picture on the left is a view of the rear and the one on the right is from the front and looking strait down. Notice on the picture on the left the addition of a OB2 voltage regulator tube.

The photograph on the left shows some of the new parts installed. The photograph on the right shows all of the new parts installed and the signal generator ready for it's final cleaning.

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