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Production Year 1969 - 1972 at $229.50


The Hammarlund HQ-200 is a general coverage receiver that tunes from 540kHz to 30MHz in four band ranges. Like many of these receivers the amateur bands are all Band Spread calibrated. A BFO(Beat Frequency Oscillator) facilitates SSB and CW tuning. The Q-multiplier operates independently of the BFO.

Other enhancements include an Antenna Trimmer, Noise Limiter switch, S-Meter, Stand-by knob with AM/CW and a AVC On/Off switch. There is a 3.2 ohm speaker terminals and a headphone jack on the rear panel.

The tubes and their functions are as follows, 6BZ6 = RF Amplifier, 6BE6 = Mixer, 6C4 = HF Oscillator, 6BA6 = 1st IF Amplifier, 6BA6 = 2nd IF Amplifier, 6BE6 = Product Detector, 12AX7 = 1st AM Amplifier & Q Multiplier, 6AQ5 = Audio Power Output, 1N34A diode = AM Detector. The Voltage Regulator is a Zener diode. The Rectifier is a CER72C and the Noise Limiter uses a 1N541A.

The radio weighs in at 22 pounds.  

The suggested optional speaker is the Hammarlund S-100.  

A Hammarlund ad for the HQ-200. I am not sure when this ad first came out but the advertised price for the receiver is $229.50.

The photograph on the left is of the side of this receiver. While not extremely rare and very valuable, this particular receiver is not encountered very often.

The picture on the right is a close up of the tubes and other components lay out. Interestingly enough this receiver has no easy access to the tubes such as a lid or hood on the top. One has to remove the case to gain access.

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