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The beautifully small Viz key mini paddle. The Viz Key mini paddle is an Iambic paddle. It incorporates a two paddle design using rubber feet/bumpers as paddles. This is a tiny little thing but do not let its size fool you. It would make the perfect addition for a "go bag", Field Day, to take camping, mini Dxpeditions, etc. I am not affiliated with Viz Key, I simply have and use one of their great keys and created this simple webpage about it.


Below is from the Viz Key website located HERE as of September 2020.

"The Original VIZKEY

Compact, rugged, reliable and nearly indestructible. This key is made from solid BRASS, Micarta brand electrical insulation board and stainless steel. The unit weighs in at a hefty 8 oz. (1/2 lb) and has rubber feet to keep it in place during operation. VIZKEY comes with 3 feet of 3 conductor shielded cable to minimize RF pickup and the usual keyer problems from RF interference."

As of September 2020 the Viz key mini paddle is priced at $57.50 shipped to US addresses. That price includes 3 feet of 3 conductor shielded cable with your choice of either a 1/8" or 1/4" phone plug.



The picture on the left is a close up of the paddles on the Viz Key.  The two paddle ends use rubber feet/bumpers as paddles. If it is ever needed to adjust the gap on the paddles simply loosen the cross screw that holds the paddles to the base, rotate the paddles upwards and slightly bend then together. Afterwards rotate them back into position and tighten the cross screw. Then ever so slightly, very lightly, bend the paddles away from the center post until you get the gap and feel you like. To clean the contacts Viz Key recommends that you place a white business card between the contact(ground post) and finger piece(paddle) then squeeze pieces together as you slide the card back and forth a few times. The above adjustment and cleaning procedure can be found in a PDF document on the Viz Key website.

The picture on the right shows how Viz Key secures the wires to the Mini key. They know their Viz Key will be used in the field so some type of solid and secure wire tie down was needed. 

The picture on the left is of the bottom of the Viz Key. First and foremost it was made in the U.S.A. Next we have the serial number which is 148. Underneath the serial number we have the model which is Mini Paddle and underneath that is the Viz Key website which is WWW.VIZKEY.COM. The 4 rubber feet are the same as used on the paddles.

The picture on the right is a size comparison between the Viz Key mini paddle and a 1942 Vibroplex Original bug.  


The Viz Key website.


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