QSL = 100% by direct and eQSL.

Please do NOT send an SASE as they are not needed at all.

Again, thank you for the gesture of a SASE, but it will be returned. It is my hobby as well, and with that comes my responsibility to respond to all QSL requests without requiring or even asking you to pay for it. What's next? We start charging each other for the cost of the contact.

If you enjoy paper QSLing as I do, then by all means please send a QSL card and you will get one in return. All QSL's are answered and sent out the very next day of mail service.

I also electronically upload all QSO's to eQSL and LOTW on a weekly basis.

If for some reason you have sent a QSL card but have never got a reply, shoot me an  and I will get another one right out to you. In most cases I will be able to tell you the day your card arrived and when the original QSL card from me was sent. 



Last 2 weeks of QSL cards received by postal mail.      

QSL cards received for the week of Feb 11 =

QSL cards received for the week of Feb 18 = KB7AK, KD2GHZ


Information below is only for the AI4FR call sign issued on June 3, 2004 and does not include the logbook statistics for my old call sign, KE4ECY issued in 1993.


Total QSL cards in the collection = 7648

Total QSL cards sent by mail = 12,753

Total QSL records confirmed at eQSL = 29,708

Total QSL records confirmed at LOTW = 40,524

Total QSO's in the AI4FR logbook = 65,324




Last update = 2-24-2018                 *** Don't forget to visit the green links below for more log book statistics.***

Log Book Graph    =  Updated weekly at eQSL.

Log Book Search  = Updated every 1000 QSO's.

Bureau Statistic   =  ARRL Sent and Received QSL's.

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