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This edition of The Pensacola News is dated December 8, 1941 and is priced at 5 cents. 

Some of the stories in this issue include... 

"Roosevelt rages at Infamous attack on America by Nippon while Conferring about Peace. "

"Two warships lost; 3,000 dead, wounded seen by White House."

"Battleship is capsized at Island Naval Base; Many warplanes are damaged."

"Planes blast forts, bases of Philippines."

"British beat Americans to entry in war."

"English block Jap invasion at Singapore."

There are some ads in this issue which include: "Washing machines $29.50 up", "Vicks Va-Tro-Nol(for snoring)."

Some movies advertised are as follows....

"Betty Davis starring the The Little Foxes."

"Marlone Dietrich and James Stewart star in Destry Rides Again."

"Roy Rogers stars in Nevada City."  

A May 8, 1945 issue of The Philadelphia Inquirer. The cost of which is 3 cents.

Some of the headlines to the other stories include.... 

"In this Great Hour let us thank God."

"Joy, Prayer Mingle as City Hails Victory."

"New Unity is Achieved at Security Conference."

"All U.S. Forces Gain on Okinawa."

"Germany Property Seized by Spain."

"No Victory Salute at F.D.R.'s Grave."

"King Felicitates Gen. Eisenhower."

"Truman to Proclaim V-E Day in 9am talk."

"10 Die in action 17 are Wounded."

"Patton reaches Prague Outskirts."

"General Jodl signs for Germany."

"Shoerner defies Doenitz Order."

"German Rocket Bombs top list of Secret War weapons."

"Hitler Body Hunt still Unrewarded."

There are dozens and dozens of stories such as these and much more. Some ads that appear state that if today is proclaimed V-E day that this store will be closed. A new Dirndl skirt would cost the ladies $2.95 and a new Peasant Blouse is $1.85. An ad for a pair of Mexican crafted slippers states that they are Unrationed for Teens and the price is $3.59. A Joan Kenley blouse is selling for $3.95.   

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