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The issue of the Easton Daily Argus is dated April 28, 1917 and the price is 1 cent. 

Some of the stories in this issue include....

"Another smashing drive by British in France."

"Draft bill up for final action in both Houses."


The newspaper underneath is an issue of the Easton Free Press and is dated April 27, 1917 and would have cost you 6 cents per week. 

Some of the stories include....

"Haig's troops again advance after repulsing Germans."

"French mission for Co-Operation with America."

"Berlin in fear of revival of great strike."

"Premier would convert Ireland to friendliness."

There are some ads for shoes that run from $2.50 to $3.50. An iron bed would cost you $11.50. Refrigerator's cost from $7.50 to $50.00 and with every purchase the new owner will be given 300 pounds of ice.  

The issue of the New York Tribune is dated December 22, 1918 and is a Christmas Supplement. In it there are a couple of full page color drawings. 


The issue of The Evening Independent is dated December 12, 1917 and the price is 5 cents. Some of the stories include.... 

"400,000 Cossacks behind Kaledines to rescue Russia."

"Welcome snow brings great hope to Italy."

"U.S. Officers must undergo severe tests."

"Mysterious blaze in Munition plant."

"Austrian Battleship Wein Torpedoed and sunk."

"National Army boys will get no explosives for holidays."

"Candy company to let the public have share of sugar it secured."


The issue of The New York Times is dated May 14, 1915 and would have cost you 1 cent. 

Some of the stories in this issue include.... 

"President tells Germany we will omit no word or act required by the sacred duty of maintaining our rights violated by submarine war on merchant shipping; Appeals to German sense of Justice and Humanity."

"Italian cabinet resigns; Anti-war party the cause."

"President Wilson's note to Germany."  

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