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On the right is a Army Special Forces Airborne insignia hat pin and on the one on the left is a 1st Calvary Airborne insignia hat pin.  

The Combat Infantryman Badge is an award of the United States Army which is presented to those officers, warrant officers and enlisted soldiers, in the grade of Colonel and below, who participate in active ground combat while assigned as a member of an infantry or special forces unit, brigade or smaller size, during any period subsequent to December 6, 1941. It, and the simultaneously created Expert Infantryman Badge were created with the primary goal of recognizing the sacrifices of the infantrymen who were disproportionately likely to be killed or wounded during World War II.

This pin on the right is worn to show that the person served in the USMM(United States Merchant Marines).  

US Army Good Conduct medal

The Good Conduct Medal is one of the oldest military decorations of the United States military. The Navy Good Conduct Medal was first issued in 1869, followed by a Marine version in 1896. The Coast Guard Good Conduct Medal was issued in 1923 and the Army Good Conduct Medal in 1941. The Air Force was the last service to create a Good Conduct Medal in 1963 and the first to discontinue it, which it did in February, 2006.

The Good Conduct Medal is awarded to any enlisted member of the United States military (except U.S. Air Force personnel after 2006) who completes three consecutive years of "honorable and faithful service". Such service implies that a standard enlistment was completed without any non-judicial punishments, disciplinary infractions, or court martial offenses. If a service member commits an offense, the three-year mark "resets" and a service member must perform an additional three years of discipline-free service before the Good Conduct may be authorized.

Service for the Good Conduct Medal must be performed on active duty and the medal is not awarded to members of the military reserve or National Guard who are not federalized to active service. For those Reserve and Guard members who satisfactorily perform annual training and drill duty, however, a separate series of Reserve Good Conduct Medals may be awarded in lieu. During times of war, the Good Conduct Medal may be awarded for one year of faithful service. The Good Conduct Medal may also be awarded posthumously, to any soldier killed in the line of duty. The medal has been nicknamed as the "good cookie medal" by some troops.

The Army Good Conduct Medal(pictured above) remains one of the most widely issued decorations in the history of the United States military. The Army Good Conduct Medal was first approved for issuance in 1941 and has remained unchanged in appearance since that time. To denote additional decorations of the Good Conduct Medal, a series of Good Conduct Loops are provided as attachments to the decoration.

US Medals and Patches on right.  

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