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A U.S. defense savings bonds album. The picture on the right shows the inside of the album with multiple 50 cent stamps in place.


The picture on the left is of a WWII era War Ration Book that is dated 5-20-1943.

The items in the photograph on the right were found together and is of a WWII era War Ration Book, a Tobacco ration card, a US Savings bonds booklet and a point ration book. The savings bond booklet is show cased at the top of this page.  

Now this is a neat piece of history. This 8 x 11 document shows were a person by the name of Andrew Palovich has passed the training requirements for the M1903 rifle in March of 1943.

This 8 x 11 size document is dated December 13, 1941 and is from the Lloyd Harbor police department and addressed to the FBI.

The body of the letter reads as follows " On December 3, 1941 at about 9:00 AM during our check-up of Japanese Aliens in our district, we discovered that, Kasanu Kodaka employed as a butler and Sadajiro Nakahita alias William H. Goto employed as a cook at the Lorraine Graves estate located at West Neck in the village of Lloyd Harbor, did not have Alien Registration cards or identification of any character.

After being held for questioning by this department, they were delivered to your Bureau, by Sergeant Benjamin Smith and Patrolman Ferdinand Rausch."

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