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A WWII Marines Handbook on the left.

In the center is a  WWI issue of the passage of St. John. This is the Army and Navy edition.

On the right is a 1943 US Army instructional pamphlet of "Fighting on Guadalcanal". Lt. Col. Russel P. Reeder, traveled to Guadalcanal in the autumn of 1942 and interviewed many Marines and Soldiers who were key to the early American victories on the island. After he returned to the states, Lt. Col. Reeder transcribed his work which was then distributed to units all over the Pacific theater. When this first came out it was not only Heavily Restricted but edited by the military. Yes, the fighting there was that severe.  

On the left is a February 21, 1944 edition of the Basic Field manual. Air Extract of Combined Operating Signals (Second Edition).

On the right is a 1918 edition of a U.S. Army Song Book.   

I have a number of these Basic Field Manual's in the collection. Instead of posting a picture of each one and since they all look about the same I will picture just this one. The list below is of the others that are in the collection should some one need for me to research them.


1914 Field Service Regulations Corrected to April 15, 1917

1914 Manual of Interior Guard Duty Corrected to April 15, 1917

1917 A manual for Courts-Marshal US Army. Corrected to April 15, 1917. Washington Government printing office.

1918 Army Song Book

June 25, 1932 Engineer Field Manual Vol.2 Military Engineering (tentative) Part 2 Defense Measures

July 15, 1937 Basic Field Manual Vol.2 Basic Weapons Part 6 Antiaircraft marksmanship Infantry Weapons Chapter 2 Rifle and Automatic Rifle

August 1, 1938 Chemical Warfare Service Field Manual Vol. 1 Tactics and Technique

FM 5-10 September 9, 1940 Engineer Field Manual Communications, Constructions, and Utilities

FM 5-25 January 12, 1942 Engineer Field Manual Explosives and Demolitions 

FM 5-35 March 24, 1944 Corps of Engineers Reference Data

FM 6-40 February 11, 1942 Field Artillery Field Manual Firing

FM 7-20 October 1, 1944 Infantry Battalion

FM 19-15 July 30, 1945 Domestic Disturbances

FM 21-11 Apr. 7, 1945 Basic Field Manual First Aid for Soldiers

FM 21-25 April 12, 1941 Basic Field Manual Elementary Map and Aerial Photograph reading

FM 21-26 September 17, 1941 Basic Field Manual Advanced Map and Aerial Photograph reading

FM 21-30 October 15, 1943 Conventional Signs, Military Symbols, and Abbreviations

FM 21-50 June 15, 1942 Basic Field Manual Military Courtesy and Discipline

FM 23-7 March 6, 1945 Changes No.2 Basic Field Manual US Carbine, Cal. 30 M1 and M1A1

FM 23-10 September 30, 1943 US Rifle Caliber .30 M1903

FM 23-35 April 30, 1940 Basic Field Manual Automatic Pistol Caliber .45 M1911 and M1911A1

FM 24-13 February 21, 1944 Basic Field Manual Air Extract of Combined operating signals(CCBP 2-2)

FM 25-10 March 12, 1942 Basic Field Manual Motor Transport

FM 30-30 September 18, 1940 Basic Field Manual Military Intelligence Identification of US Government Aircraft

FM 31-20 December 15, 1941 Basic Field Manual Jungle Warfare

FM 100-5 May 22, 1941 Field service regulations Operations 

TM 4-250 July 20, 1940 Technical Manual Stereoscopic Range and Height Finding

TM 10-460 May 6, 1942 Drivers Manual


Misc. Guide Books WWII and earlier

1940 The Marines Handbook. (7th edition) The US Naval Institute.

1941 Army Song Book. 

1944 The Bluejacket's Manual. United States Naval Institute, Annapolis Maryland.

1945 Navy Training courses. Blueprint reading and layout work explanatory text. Hydrographic office. Navy Department.

1943 Projects in drafting for Trainees with 

1943 Army Field X-Ray Equipment Instruction Manual produced by Picker X-ray Corp.

1944 Information for soldiers going back to Civilian life.

Indispensable Guide-book to visit Paris and Environs

1943 How to shoot the US army rifle. The Infantry Journal.

1929? History and Rhymes of the lost Battalion.

1943 The Officers guide. 9th Edition. The Military service publishing company.

1928 Life of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. Description of tomb. Enterprise press. Copyright by George D. Burnside.

1942 Practice for Army tests. ARCO publishing Co.

1942 Practice for Army tests. ARCO publishing Co.

1942 A Handbook for Air Raid Wardens. US office of civilian defense.


1946 and later Field manuals and Guide books

FM 7-10 April 1970 The Rifle Company, Platoons, and Squads.

FM 19-1 July 1966 Military police support Army divisions and Separate Brigades

FM 19-3-1 March 1967 Military Police support TASCOM(Theater Army Support Command)

FM 19-15 December 1964 Civil Disturbances and Disasters

FM 21-13 August 1961 The Soldiers guide

FM 61-100 January 1962 The Division 

PT 7-21-30-202 Graphic representation programed text. United states army infantry school Fort Benning, Ga.

TM 9-1005-224-24 May 1971 (deals with the M60, the mount and tripod).

AF 100-5 September 1959 Air Force Manual Radio Receivers.

AF 100-6 January 1960 Air Force Manual Radio Transmitters.

1974 Vietnam studies. Logistic support. Department of the Army

Sept. 1960 Home Study Course for Electronic Training Kit No.1


Modern era Field manuals and Guide books  

FM 21-75 August 1984 Combat Skills of the Soldier

TM July 1985 Operators manual Pistol, Semiautomatic 9mm M9.(1005-01-118-2640) Army

TM, Navy SW, Air Force TO, Marine Corps TM, Coast Guard Comdtinst(Commandant Instruction)

Tech. Manual May 1991 Unit and direct support maintenance manual. M16A2 W/E (1005-01-128-9936) and M4 (1005-01-231-0973) Army TM, Air Force TO.

TM Oct. 1984 Organizational and Intermediate Maintenance. M16A2 (NSN 1005-01-128-9936)  

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