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The Type 30 bayonet was the primary kind of bayonet that was used on Japanese rifles during World War II. The Type 30 bayonet was introduced in 1897 and will fit the Type 30, Type 35, Type 38 and the Type 99 Japanese Rifles and Carbines.

This Type 30 bayonet was manufactured at Toyoda Jidoshoki Seisakusho(Toyoda Automatic Loom Works) under Nagoya supervision and is a tad over 20 inches in length. The bayonet featured on this page has a straight quillon with a rounded pommel and a fullered blade that is sharpened on one side. The grips are made from wood and are secured with two screws. On the right ricasso is found the stamping of the arsenal that supervised the subcontractor as well as the subcontractors assigned mark.

The white lettering on the ricasso is not original and I added this after the bayonet was fully cleaned and inspected. This white lettering is not permanent and is easily removed. To learn what I used for the white lettering please click HERE.  

These next two photographs show both the left and right side of the wood handle.  

These next two photographs show both the front and back of the wood handle.   

The Type 30 bayonets are normally seen with a serial number on the butt of the pommel. Unlike other nations such as Switzerland, Russia and Germany among others whom issued rifles and bayonets to their soldiers with the same serial number, the serial numbers on the Type 30 bayonet was assigned independently from those assigned to the rifles. The photograph on the right is of the tip of the fullered blade that is found on this Type 30 bayonet.  

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