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These Death Cards were printed in the memory of fallen soldiers that were killed in combat. Most religious faiths also have a tradition similar to these cards in civilian life. The size of these Death Cards are around 4 by 2 inches and have print on both sides of the thin paper stock.  Normally, one side will have a picture of the deceased in their uniform along with some words about him.  The reverse side may have a traditional memorial scene such as a cross or a grave site scene and may even include a short poem. In many cases, any thing that might help the enemy, such as, the identity of the soldier's unit, place of death and so forth was excluded.

The left death card from WWII explains that Franz Niegl was a 33 year old Unteroffizier in an Infantry regiment and a participant in the campaigns in Belgium, France and Russia. He fell on January 8, 1942 at Krassnikovo, southeast of Kursk.

The right death card from WWI explains that Albert Wimmer from Geretsham was a 34 year old Sargent in the 12th Bavarian reserve infantry regiment and was awarded the iron cross 2nd class and the Bavarian service cross with swords. He died of wounds on July 13, 1918 after almost 4 years of service.  

On the left is a single death card from WWII for two brothers from Altschanau. Josef Maier, a 19 year old Gefreiter in a Panzer pioneer regiment who fell on November 29 1944 at Budapest. The other brother is Benedikt Maier, a 21 year old Obergefreiter in a Panzerjager battalion. He fell on March 14 1945 in Slovakia.

On the right is a German WWII death card.  

On the left is six German WWI death cards.

On the right is six German WWII death cards.  

These next two photographs show 12 WWI death cards.   

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