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On the left is a book titled HANDBUCH DER LUFTWAFFE , WAFFENAUSBILDUNG IN DER FLAKARTILLERIE, KANONIER 2cm FLAK 30 1942. This is a very interesting and hard to find book that contains everything the gunner of the 20mm A.A.A. gun had to learn. This book instructs the gunner on the successful use of the 2cm Flak artillery gun. It was printed by Verlag Mittler & Sohn in Berlin, Germany and contains 80 photos and illustrations. The size of this WWII publication is 5 1/2 x 8 inches and contains 150 pages.

On the right is the Amtliches Unterrichtsbuch über Erste Hilfe official training book on First Aid. It was written by the SS Standartenführer & Oberstabsarzt, Dr. Richard Krueger. This copy is the 17th edition from the publishing company of the German Red Cross in Berlin. This one is more sought after by collectors then the previous editions as it contains the same content but is only 145 pages instead of the original 263 pages. The reduction in size was due to an effort to try and save paper during the war. The Foreword is written by SS Brigadeführer and Leader of the German red Cross Dr. Grawitz. The size of this hardcover book is 6 x 8 1/4 inches and it contains 145 pages. It is heavily illustrated with dozens of black & white drawings. The text gives in depth information on everything you had to know about the human body, possible injuries and how to fix them. Of special interest is the last chapter in this book on injuries from possible poison gas attacks.    

On the left is a book titled ALARM! DEUTSCHE FLIEGER ÛBER ENGLAND Alarm! German Pilots Over England is the title of this excellent original Nazi photo book on the war in the air against England. It was written by Joachim Matthias and printed in 1940 by Steiniger Verlag in Berlin, Germany. The size of this book is 6 x 8 1/2 inches and it contains 180 pages with many full page photos.

On the right is a book titled FLAKARTILLERIE GREIFT AN A.A.A. attacks. This is a 1944 photo book on all the Anti-Aircraft equipment that the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS had on hand. This included the famous and feared 88mm gun, the so called “ Eight-Eight” which also saw service in the Tiger tank. This book was written by Major Curt von Lange and published by order of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW or High Command of the Nazi Army) and was printed in 1941 by Verlag Scherl in Berlin, Germany.     

On the left is a book titled Wo bist du Kamerad? or Where are you fellow soldier? This book was written by P. C. Ettinghofer, a prolific writer of military themed books in the period of post WWI and pre WWII. This book contains stories of German soldiers on the front as told by the participants. This cloth covered hardback book has a copyright date of 1938 and contains 362 pages.

On the right is a book titled The National Socialist Party Program. This N.S.D.A.P. Party Program book was published in the English language. This was done in order to allow those that could not read German the ability to appreciate the 25 main points of the Nazi program. This 4 x 6 inch booklet was printed in 1938 from the Terramare Office in Berlin, Germany.    

On the left is a book titled DIE THEORETISCHE A2 PRÜFUNG FÜR MOTOR- UND SEGELFLIEGER or The theoretical examination for motor and sail flyers. It was printed in 1941 from the Volckmann Verlag in Berlin, Germany. The size of this book is 6 x 8 1/4 inches and it contains 100 pages. Inside is several great aviation illustrations as well as some full page Nazi aviation illustrations.

On the right is a book titled Ulber Schlachtfelder Voriuarts. This book is about the campaign in France in 1940. The Copyright date is 1940 and it has 320 pages, 40 photos and lots of artwork by many famous military artists such as Willrich. The author of this unique book is Kurt Hesse.     

On the left is another copy of the SS first aid book, Amtliches Unterrichtsbuch über Erste Hilfe and a book titled, Wir Fordern Reins zur Ubergabe Auf. This is a 1938 book about the campaign at Reims France as told by one of the German soldiers who experienced it first hand. Outside of some of the nationalistic garbage, it is quite interesting and informative.

On the right is a book titled KRIEGSGEFANGENE or War Prisoners. This 5 1/2 x 8 inch book contains 64 pages and was printed in 1939 by the order of the OBERKOMMANDO DER WEHRMACHT(OKW or High Command of the Nazi Army). It reveals a ton of interesting information on the tricks used by POW’s in earlier wars. The book is very nicely documented with a lot of photographs. Some of the examples explain how to hide documents and tools that are needed either to escape or to commit sabotage.  

On the left is a book titled Unser kriegs-liederbuch or Our War-Songs. This book was published by Zentralverlag der NSDAP, F.Eher and the author is the Reichsjugendführung(Reich youth leadership). This is a Hitler Youth Song Book with pictures of Hitler and rules of the organization.

On the right is a September 11 1939 German book on the use of hand grenades.  

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